Plans for Raspberry Pi 5 Case?

It might be too early, but I was wondering if there is anything Argon could share with regards to the newly announced Raspberry Pi 5


I am interested in an Argon PI 5 case too. NVME + the features you have now on the PI 5 case would be great.


I am very interested in an RPi5 variant of the One case. I’ve written a series of blog articles about building home servers using the Pi, as well as a Pluralsight course on the same thing, and I’ll need to update those soon. The One is my favorite case (I have three), but the RPi5 isn’t going to fit because they moved the ports… again… ugh. I’m far from what anyone would call an influencer, but I make a very good beta tester. I’m a software developer during the day, and I’d definitely put it through its paces if you’re looking for testers. I’m not even asking for freebies, just a spot on a list somewhere to let me order one as soon as possible.


Also interested in this… It’s probably (hopefully) obvious but with the addition of PCIe, building a small iSCSI NAS out of a Pi5 with 4 or so SSDs would be awesome… Something like an Argon EON for the 5. This would fit nicely on my shelf with my NUCs running Proxmox!!

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Similar to above but if you consider the PI5 changes just upgrading the existing EON NAS is not ideal. The PI5 includes realtime clock but the key feature is the PCIE interface and this would be better than using USB 3.

So a new MK II case would not need the USB external connector or real time clock, the interface board would pass just the HDMI ports and 40 pin connector, I do question if any of theses ports need to be available on a NAS. The SATA / HD interface board could remain as is but include the PCIE connector and interface.

The MK II enclosure could have multiple HD controller boards, each supporting different types of drives, SATA,SAS or SSD and the enclosure could support more drives. There could be an option for a controller board that includes hardware RAID features and that would nice.

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I see an Argon NEO 5 case has appeared for the Pi5:

No sign of an Argon ONE case yet. :frowning:

(Just realised ONE and NEO and EON are anagrams of each other! Doh!)

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Id join a beta test list too.
I have an Eon, a neo and a few One cases.
Im really excited to see a new 5-based Eon!

I’d love to see a Pi 5 EON as well. It would be nice if we could upgrade our existing shell by just buying the necessary PCBs and backplate to swap with the old ones, but if there needs to be major changes to make it work then I can understand.

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I would also like a Pi 5 ONE case. An M.2/PCIe option would be perfect.


I am also very excited to see Argon ONE M.2 NVME for the Pi 5, does anyone know when it is due to by release?

So I just pre-ordered the Pi5 ONE - can’t wait to get on it when it drops.

What’s the word on NVME options? Guessing the Pi4 M.2 extension won’t play ball…?