Physical Issue with mSATA


I have a Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB mSATA SSD (not an NVMe) that I intended to use in my EON. This drive is slightly wider than an NVMe drive. I purchased the appropriate USB to mSATA adapter. Unfortunately, when I received my EON, the adapter doesn’t fit. It hits the aluminum on the right side and can’t plug in straight. Bummer. Anyway, I’m looking at options…possibly using a short USB extension cable and mounting the drive on the inside of the back plate of the EON.

I was poking around on Amazon and found this little gem…

This has me wondering, since I’m only using two 3.5" drives in a RAID1, is it possible to boot from one of the two remaining SATA slots? If so, is there an advantage to using the internal USB connector?


Edit: Corrected product link.