PCIe connector on the case

I have previously used my Pi5 inconjunction with the Pimoroni NVMe board so I am familiar with the use of the PCIe connector on the Pi5.

I am also well aware of the fragility of this type of cacble clamp.

Before let my 85 year old fingers play with the case and cause any damage to the PCIe connector on thr Argon V3 NVMe board I would like to know exactly how the cable clamp is released and then close. Its a shame hat the instructions assume that the users will all be experienced in such matters.

However its looks a great case and the instructions are general clear and prociise.

Many thanks in advance

The clamp is push out, try to use 2 fingers to push out the clamp from both sides at the same time.

I have the same issue. No problem at the Pi end, but how on earth do I get the cable into the connector on the case. It doesn’t seem to have a moveable clip.


There are 2 black plastic on the sides, just need to push it out, push the ribbon cable in and then push the black plastic back to clip on.

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Brilliant - found them! Many thanks
Might be a good idea to mention that in the docs, as it not obvious


you will need to pull out the BLACK TAB, horizontally with the board.

After easing out the black cable clamp by pulling towards the outside of the case it is ossible, but not easy, to get the cable into the clamp. Definitely needs much better instruction for this process.

I had an easier time connecting the cable after removing the bottom PCB from the plastic shell. I only had to remove the 4 screws and it gave me a little more room to work.

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I also removed the internal section holding the NVMe board but this can only be done if the NVMe memory is first removed