Pairing Bluetooth Keyboard

I have a problem paring a Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard.
Works (Pairs OK)with V2 case and R-Pi 4 8GB using sd card installation of Raspbian 64 bit OS
Does not work when I load up the same OS on a 500GB M2 Sata3 SSD.
Using standard power Brick from R-Pi 400 kit which is rated at 5V 3.2 amp.
Tried the network install on the M2 drive.
Third installing from the file in case that was different.
Same outcome, cannot pair the keyboard when the M2 is the bootable drive.
My use case was to create a system to output HDMI to a TV and use bluetooth keyboard and mouse in lounge room coffee table.
Tried alternative bluetooth control available in Debian.
Is it a lack of power problem, does anyone have a fix for this?

Hi I found the same problem after reinstalling raspberry OS. I’ve not found any cure after messing around with it.


This problem was fixed by loading up UBUNTU for arm, looks very good and works well except for one small problem with HDMI audio resetting to earphone jack on the Pi, this was easy to fix and all is now good.