OSMC & Argon Eon


Following an update incident with my Eon and OpenMediaVault, I thought it would be an occasion to try OSMC.

OSMC on Argon Eon works great, drives are recognized, HDMi ports are working and I can use it like a real media center machine. You even use the Samba Server app to create them, and access files over the network.

I noticed two issues :

  • The Eon doesn’t fully shutdown. If the shutdown function of OSMC is used, system will be down but drives will continue to spin indefinitely.
  • The OLED screen isn’t working, despite having installed the script

I think the two issues are linked, but don’t know why. Have someone an idea ?

Thanks !

I’m allowing myself to reup the subject, has someone tried this setup too ?

Thanks !

What version of OS are you running this under? Which version of the fan/oled scripts are you running stock Argon or modified?

I was running it, by that time, I was using the latest OSMC builds for Raspberry Pi and the default Argon Eon Script.