Ordered a Neo 5 for Pi5 and never received it or any response from Argon40

I ordered a Argon NEO 5 BRED Case for Raspberry Pi 5 on Tuesday January 2 (10 days ago). As soon as my order was placed, less than a minute later, I received a “Your order is on the way”. No tracking number just a shipping notification. I’ve sent several emails to customer service and get no response. Still no Argon NEO 5 Case for Raspberry Pi 5 after 10 days. Do I need to contact my Credit Card issuer? Are they still in business even?

Opened a dispute with my Credit Card and got my money back. Argon 40 is a bunch of clowns.

I’ve had no problems ordering from argon40 website.
It seems like the backoffice employees has been out of office these past days mm- or there is a giant back log due to bug in the system.
I replied on my order confirmation and got an reply within 2-3 days; the contact form one I have not received a reply on but I suppose they marked that one as resolved since the case was solved.

Also Chinese new year is around the corner, unsure where they got their support staff located, but +10days without an update afte repurchase is a bit strange- if it’s not in stock a store should say that.

I guess the “your order is on the way” mail one receive is the default PayPal order confirmation. I have got this order confirmation from other webpages and it’s totally normal but I suppose it can be confusing