Order Update please


Looks like there are several order issues, i understand its a small company but I am waiting for a while now.

ORDER #5687

If there are no updates, i will cancel it and request a refund.


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I eventually got an update on my order that I had posted on this forum. It appears as though even though I ordered my item on March 22nd, it did not actually get into the possession of the shipping company until April 3rd.

It would appear as though much of the problems mentioned here on these forums is the result of delayed shipping.

Hi @sqpp, @GraphicW, thank you for waiting. Shipping information should have been updated over the past few days. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we fulfill your orders.

The order has arrived. It just took longer than expected to get the shipping update.

Anytime I have to older something from AliExpress. It always comes with a fear of am I being scammed is this the real product? And the same fears when thru my head when I ordered the Argon One V3 with NVME.
I ordered the product on Apr 16, 2024, and payed for it.
I received confirmation right away saying thank you for your order. we will notify you when the order ships.
on Apr 18, 2024 I got an email stating that it has been shipped! with the abliity to track
when you go in to the tracking it stated that it has been pickup and awaiting processing at the a china shipping central hub .
at which time I started to receive many AliExpress advertisements vs email. I had to unsubscript to stop the advertisements from comeing. Shipping stats did not change for what seemed like forever and the status only showed perpairing to ship.
On 29 Apr 2024 I got a notice FROM USPS stating it was perpaing to ship and one saying it was in ANGELES CA. At this point I was happy to know its in the USPS system and in motion.
in USPS I receive a notification on each place it when to and left from.
30 Apr, 1 May, 2 May. Then I recieved it on 3 May 2024
I did get my items and I am happy. Shipping inside of China and over to the US tracking is not that good. But once it go to the US Tracking was great.
in total it took 17 days from day I placed the order to the day I received the order.

@sqpp They have responded to you, but not to me yet, even though I put my order in before yours. The company will need a wake-up call. It would appear that they stocked Amazon. If you don’t get some concrete answers from “Kevin”, canceling your purchase with Argon Forty and going somewhere reputable might help this company focus their customer service, which seems to be quite random currently. Please keep us posted.