Order has not arrived - ordered on 3/19/2024

Customer Support,

My Order #4929 has never been delivered.

I ordered on 3/19/2024 - it is now 5/3/2024 - and the Tracking site reports, “Trajectory Stalled” since 4/3/2024…

This my fourth request for customer support. In the past, your automated support link assigned three support ticket numbers - 12390, 12391 and 12640 - and I have not received a single response. Why?

I have created an account here, on this forum to ask for help.
This reflects poorly on your company, regardless of the quality of your products.

Please Help Me.

Thank you in advance for your quick response to this very bad purchase experience

I’m in the same position. Argon Forty does have a solid product, but not solid enough to not have a plan to update customers what so ever. My credit card company will dispute the charges now. I invite you to do the same. Without doing so, I don’t think Argon Forty has the necessary motivation to focus back on customer service. In this way, you are protecting future customers and helping a struggling company focus on other important factores, not just a superior product.

Hello Argon Customer Support - Is there anyone here?
I have not received a reply regarding my order # 4929 made on 3/19/2024 which I have never received.

Tracking from 4PX shows it as “Stalled” for 40 days at this time.

As well as posting here for help - I now have 4 support tickets from your automated Customer Support system asking for order status and have not received a single reply.
The support tickets are:

Shall I cancel my order by contacting my credit card company and requesting a refund?

Please contact me immediately.

I purchased it on March 7, 2024, but it wasn’t delivered to me either. If I track it, it will show as Trajectory stalled for 50 days…

Please, please, please Argon Customer Support - contact us with the status of these orders. You really need to respond.

Thank you for waiting. We’ve recently updated your support request. We do apologize for any delay in this action.


Please resend the order as soon as possible.

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Also Kevin… Please email the shipment Tracking Link to me as well.

Yes , I have the same problem , my order #3401 that is from December 26 2023 is not send, ARE YOU ARGON SCAMMER ???

Tracking Number, please?..

Please update my tracking number… Please