Order #2748: Over a Month Later, Still Waiting and Ignored by Support

I am experiencing significant issues with my recent order from Argon. Despite placing Order #2748 on November 8 and it being marked as “fulfilled” the following day, I have yet to receive the order or any shipping details. My attempts to resolve this with customer support have been fruitless.

Initially, I reached out to customer support on November 14. They responded on November 16, informing me that the shipment team had processed my order and were awaiting shipping information, promising to share it as soon as possible. However, since then, communication from Argon has ceased entirely. Despite my repeated efforts to contact them through the original email thread, their contact form, and direct emails to cs@argon40.com, I have received no further information or responses.

This lack of response and failure to deliver my order has left me with no choice but to consider escalating the issue through PayPal if I do not receive a satisfactory response in the next few days.

I opened a claim with my CC and got my money back. This company must have gone under or something.