OMV7 on Argon EON?


Hi there!

Is anyone using OMV7 on the EON? I have encountered some issues with CONNECTION LOST messages when trying to get Docker working on Compose after an update, which has been frustrating. I was thinking about a fresh OMV install and saw that OMV7 is the current main supported version, with 6 being gradually phased out. I wondered if anyone had managed to get OMV7 running, and if so was the initial install via the Argon script or some other method?

Cheers all!

I’ve been running OMV7 since the betas. For me it was an upgrade from OMV6, not a fresh install. I only had one major issue with it - it crashed my boot partition during an update so I had to restore a backup that I had been lucky to make a few days prior. Ran the update again without issues. Other than that, it has been quite stable.