OLED screen reversed display

Yesterday after updating to the latest version of OMV 6, I installed the Docker and Portainer OMV add-ons.

Last night I noticed the OLED display is now reversed.
Instead of the expected white characters on a black background, I have black characters on a white background.

Anyone else experience something similar with their display?

It’s not the first time I’ve had issues following an OMV update.


Interesting, I don’t see where/why it would do that… there is a function oled_inverse which I assume might do this, but… it is not called.

Have you powered off and rebooted?

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I ended up shutting it down and pulling the power cord out.

That was enough to get it back to normal.
I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it returns.


I’m going to try and do some testing over the weekend… I suspect that there is something not being done correctly while communicating with the OLED, hence this issue and the sudden “make everything go black” issue.

I have not spent a lot of time with the OLED python controls.

I spent many many years as a software developer before becoming a server/application admin, Python is a new language for me.
I plan on getting familiar with it over time.

Python is a simple language… I seriously dislike the “use space as a block structure” mechanism… i.e

if true:
indented so it’s under the if
this is also indented

if true:


Kinda sloppy because it is hard to determine in very large indentions where it starts and where it ends.

And … TABs mess it up…

Could be because I’ve programmed in C for 39 years, and C++ for 15… lol