OLED screen fades to black

As noticed by @BlackRose67, and myself… my OLED screen displays correctly every time a new page is displayed, but starts to fade to black almost immediately.

Not sure which OLED part this is, so it is a little hard to debug.

I uninstalled my modifications, rebooted and installed the original scripts from Argon40. The issue remains the same.

I powered it off, check all the connections and turnted it back on again. This time watched the Argon EON default screen come up… and immediately start to fade.

Anyone else having this issue?

After a lot of settings adjustments, disable and re-enable i2c, remove and reinstall the scripts, check the seating of screen connectors, dislodge/reseat the screen connector, my OLED display is working normally again.

The fading is now gone, and the full screen display is once again working.

VERY odd behavior.

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My worry is that there is some sort of voltage “bleed” that causes the issue. I’m going to try a few things (one at a time) to see if I can recover mine. I think I’ll go with the disconnection first.

So… to check things out I did the following;

  1. Unplugged the connector for the OLED at the bottom of the unit as that seems to be the easiest to get to.
  2. Waited 5 minutes
  3. Plugged it back in
  4. rebooted

I got 3-4 lines of display, does not dim. So… dim fixed, display not working.

I then unplugged and replugged several times… no go.

Finally I looked at the plug and wires just under the OLED and noticed they were all at a 90 degree angle. Carefully maneuvered them to point straight out of the plug. Rebooted and … my display works perfectly now.

Seems like maybe cable/connectors are the problem,


That’s interesting.

I’m now seeing the other thread where some folks had it happen about a week ago.

Very odd that it seems to be happening “out of the blue”.

First off… I’m a software guy…

Exactly what I was thinking, so that’s why I ignored the "try and fix it by changing the software, and settings and went directly to the hardware.

Normally I just assume I did something wrong in the software, and debug accordingly.

To me it seems like a partial short in the cable, which then results in a power drain, and when the next “command” is issued to the device, that over powers the partial short,then things drain off… would not be the first time I had that happen.

Try the connectors:

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