OLED Not Working After Update

Hi, today i update my nas OMv6 6.0.10-1 to 6.0.11-1 with OMV web gui, then i realized later oled screen didnt work. First reboot via ssh command and first boot screen didnt show up then enable i2c/one wire > reboot > uninstall argon config > reboot > install argon config so didnt work either.

How can i fix this?

That’s odd.

I did the update via sudo apt and my OLED display still works.

Did you install the argon config file that activates the RTC and display. Updating Bullseye does nothing to the OLED

Ofcourse i did it, screen working normal then update omv6 suddenly screen stop working.

I remember, omv uptader says, omv 6.0.10-1 to 6.0.11-1, omv extras and rasp pi eeprom needs to be update so i updated then screen stop working( i realized later)

Even boot logo not coming up first start

Edit: Nevermind, shutdown raspi and tear down back plate and side panels then i checked screen cable which is thats seems fine then close up everything power up screen came back

I dont get it first problem is

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I ran into several issues right after updating the eeprom, it took a few reboots and 10+ minutes unplugged for everything to come back, but it did resolve itself… I’m guessing the eeprom was the culprit for you, too.

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I was suspicious eeprom but i didnt know how to fix this then i tried something, problem solved :smiley: