Not able to set my Argon One V2 to Mode 2 - power always on

I have an Argon One V2 case with a Raspberry Pi 4B 8 GB running Debian Bullseye 64 bit.
I want my RPi4 to boot up automatically when the power comes back after a power outage. The default behavior is that the RPI4 wait until the power button is pushed before booting up.

I found a description on how this could be set up here: The Argon One Mode should be changed from mode 1 (Default) to mode 2 (Always ON Mode).
I found the Argon One device (0x1a) with the command “sudo i2cdetect 1” as expected.
As decribed in the link above I run the command “sudo i2cset -y 1 0x01a 0xfe”.

After switching the power off and on on the Argon One M2 case the behavior was same default behavior as before, the RPi4 did not boot up automatically. I still had to push the power button.

Has someone tested this successfully in a RPi4 with 64 bit OS?

You need to do a Hardware change, get your manual and open the case, theres a jumper you need to change position for automatic boot after power outage

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Thanks for your reply 0xSoul!
Before I saw your post I had already got a hint about the jumper from this thread Argon One v2 used pins - #4 by pi-erwin. So I opened the Argon One case and moved the jumper inside and now my RPi4 boots automatically after power up as as you describe.

I have bought my Argon One case with the RPi4 already built in and the instruction manual that came with the case did not say anything about this jumper. This is something that Argon should include in the instruction manual if the current and future version of the Argon ONE case is supplied with this jumper.

that instruction came to me with the nvme adapter of the V2

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