No Jumper in Package

Received my EON yesterday and I’m excited to set things up. The only issue is that I don’t see a jumper anywhere in the packaging and I’d like to configure things to the “always on” mode. I would normally just grab a spare, but of course I don’t have any lying around anywhere at the moment and I’m not that keen on making my own. Was this a part that was supposed to be included, or is this a BYOJ party?


Mine was already attached to the lower control board.

Mine did not include a jumper either.

Mine was attached to the lower board as well, It is pre-set on pins 1 & 2.

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Mine was attached to the board when I received it

Looks like it’s just an oversight. I’ll dig around a little more and see if I can’t find one. Thanks for letting me know!

Hi a jumper should be included in the item ship out, we apologize if this was missed out. Can get in touch with, we can provide a replacement jumper if you cannot find one. If no jumper is attached, the unit should be running in default mode which is needing to press the power button to power on.

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