No HDMI Video from Argon One M.2

I received an Argon One M.2 case as a Christmas gift. I had an older Argon One case with a 4gb Raspberry Pi 4.
I moved the RPi to the new case, it did boot, and was accessible via ssh, but no video from either HDMI port. Moved the RPi back to the old case, video works fine. Took the SSD base from the new case, installed it on the old case, and now have the old case running with an SSD.
Would like to get an operational case with the full size video and IR, but don’t need to replace the SSD expansion base.
Previously sent inquiry through the website ‘Contact Us’ link, did not receive a reply.

I had a similar issue when I first setup my Argon ONE. Make sure that the daughter card with the connections for HDMI etc is properly mounted… I had to wiggle mine around. Been working for the last 2 years with no issue.

Finally found some time for some more troubleshooting…
Verified that everything was connected/seated properly. After switching between the old and new daughter cards/cases, figured I’d eliminated anything that would cause the video failure (other than a bad board). Then thought… I was using a different (new) HDMI cable. Switched the cable, and now video works!. However, took the (presumed) bad cable, installed in between my dvd player and television, and it works fine!
Not sure what the issue is, but now have video from my Argon One case, and my dvd/television still works, so I probably won’t investigate much further. If I switch stuff around in the future, I’ll be sure to try a different HDMI cable if I have issues.