No desktop Config Icon for Argon

I ran the Argon ONE Pi 4 script, which seemed to execute without error, but it did not place a Config Icon on the desktop. Secondary question is how you tell the terminal config option to setup multiple different fan temp/speed configurations. The terminal interface seems to just allow for one temp/speed combination.

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I’m assuming you’re running Bullseye.

I noticed the same thing (no desktop icons) when I installed the script on my Argon ONE M.2 case.

As for the fan script, one of the options allows you to specify as many temperature/fan speed combos as you’d like.

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I know this is an older thread but does Argon have a solution for this? I’m rebuilding three Pis on 64-bit Bullseye and all of them are in Argon ONE M.2 cases. I’m running the following to install the script…

curl | bash

Like @BeteNoire and @BlackRose67, no desktop icon gets created.

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Anyone resolved this issue ? Btw I’m finding the wi fi signal just about dead with the case. Anyone else ?