No communications received

Is the Argon Forty company still up and running? I have sent numerous emails regarding order #5071 and received no reply at all. The order status changed to “Fulfilled” immediately after purchase, but no shipping information was provided. The order was made 26 March 2024. Someone please respond. For all those thinking about purchasing anything from Argon Forty: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING UNTIL THIS MESSAGE HAS A RESPONSE. There are rumors that the company has gone under and is just collecting money that is sent their way.

You would think that a fire-starting post such as this one would have gotten “Kevin’s” attention by now. Here are some further inquiry updates to Argon Forty’s lack of attention:

12403 on 15 APR 24 (no reply)
12543 on 22 APR 24 (no reply)
12544 on 22 APR 24 (no reply)
12648 on 29 APR 24- Auto reply from “Kevin”:

“Thank you for reaching out and we do apologize for this. We’ll check this again with our shipment team and get back to you shortly.


Obviously the shipment team has yet to contact me.

Against my better judgement after reading about little or no responses to emails. I ordered two fans and waited, knowing that they would probably come from China. Eventually I did get sent the two fans after a month but they weren’t stock fans. Yes they were the right size but the recesses were on the wrong side which would make the stock screws not seat into the hole. Easy fix to just replace the screws but the fact that it’s the wrong fan for my EON, is the issue.

Kevin finally replied, 42 days after the order was placed. Feel free to use the information below.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this order has caused. Unfortunately, the order was not shipped out earlier. Upon checking, it seems like a chargeback was already filed and will be refunded back to you once completed.

In case we get an opportunity to serve you again, please feel free to use the code ShareTheLove2024 at checkout. Thank you and keep safe.


Good products, terrible customer care. They do still appear to be in business.