New Orders and communication

Any idea how long it takes to get this product shipped? I ordered last week and have heard nothing but my money is gone and order was confirmed but nothing else seems to be happening. Emailed a few days ago with no response. Also emails at the start of the month with no news. Debating buying from Amazon and hoping it comes in stock or if I should just get another product. Want the m.2 base too but no idea on if they will ever have them again. Not a great experience but if anyone has any idea of how long from order to shipping then how long in transit an insight would be appreciated.

we apologize for the delays. NVMe Products will start shipping out March 20. There was some delays in our production.

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Hi @Blues4thewin, can we request for the order number so we can share the updated shipment status? Thank you for your patience and understanding.

No problem my order number is #4687

I have ran into a similar problem as I ordered the BLSTR DAC for the Argon 1 V3 case a week ago and no update on the status though.

Order #4963