New installation - fan and display not working

Hello, I’ve got new Argon EON and RPi4. After built everything I’ve got problem - fan is not working (at all) and display not showing anything. I’ve installed fresh RaspOS and Argon script, and tried to configure setting via argon-config - nothing…

I’ve resolved issue with display… Set Fan to always on - nothing, anyone can suggest something with Fan?

Did you follow the setup instructions?

Yes, I’ve installed argon-config and setup fan parameters there

So, Fan is working, I’ve re-built all from the beginning… and Fan is working now, but only at full speed. I suspect that the reason of this problem - that argon-config can’t get HDD temperature, I’ve configured Fan speed dependence on HDD temp, but on OLED display I can see only CPU temp, in OS (openmediavault) I can see HDD temp… Any suggestions?