Neo 5 NVME case and WiFi download speed

I just received the new Neo 5 NVME case for my Raspberry pi5. I am loving it except for one thing: The best download speed I can get with this case on is about 10.5 Mbps (using There is nothing plugged into the USB ports. My Pi 4B in a DeskPi Pro case (sitting right beside the Pi5) gets 81 Mbps download speed. So I don’t think the problem is my router. Any suggestions?

I was fearful that the metal in this case was blocking the WiFi signal, and I might need to drill a hole in the case or something to unblock the WiFi, but today, without anything obviously different, I got download speeds of 188 Mbps!!

Not sure what changed. Maybe a software update?

Anyway, Now I am very pleased with this little case!!


Glad it’s working for you. Can you comment on the bluetooth performance? How is the range>