Neo 5 M.2 undervoltage issue

Hi all,

I’ve just set up my RPi5 with Neo 5 M.2 and successfully booted using M.2 drive. But right after that, my RPi5 started giving me the undervoltage error msgs. I swapped PSUs and cables but I had no luck, and I even tested output voltage of the PSUs but all is alright. Lastly, I went back to eMMC detaching the PCIe connection and now it is working perfectly fine, no undervoltage error msg at all.

After all that I am guessing that the SSD drive I am using (Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2TB) drawing too much power is what causing the undervoltage issue, if that makes sense at all.

(BTW, I didn’t download and “install” the script, but I changed the eeprom settings as recommended.)

I wish I can just swap out M.2 drives to test it out but I have no spare M.2 drives atm.

So my question is, would putting a new M.2 drive solve the undeevoltage issue? If so, what M.2 drive should I buy? And recommended list of M.2 drives?

Thanks in advance!

Higher capacity drives do draw more power. for higher capacity drive we recommend the Argon ONE V3 M.2 NVME Case because it can draw power from the POGO pins, not via Flex Strip of PCIe, that is connected to the Power Supply directly.

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Thank you Joseph for your response.

So I decided to get another 512GB NVMe M.2 drive and set it up with the RPi5, and now it does not showing any undervoltage messages.

Though it still shows that “the powesupply is not capable of supplying 5A message”, but RPi seems to be running without any issue, all peripherals, webcam, USB flash drive etc are all running okay.

Anyways, thanks very much for your help!

“the powesupply is not capable of supplying 5A message”

This prompt is just a reminder to use the 27W Power Delivery Power Supply, but lower AMP power supply should still work.