Moving OS to SSD

I’m looking for some sort of instruction for moving the OS from the microsd card over to the ssd I’ve installed. I can see the ssd (/dev/sda) but I can tell that’s not what the machine is booted from.

What I’ve done in the past, when I had a GUI version of Raspberry Pi OS installed, I simply used the SD Copier utility to copy the microSD card contents to the SSD.

Ah. So just run the SD Copier, shut down, pull the MicroSD card, power up, (and then since my SSD is larger than the MicroSD) run the thing that expands / to consume all the unused space.

edit: So as it turns out there’s no need to run the expander; the SD Copier seems to have done that for me. I rebooted and checked and now / is consuming the full amount of space on the SSD (minus the /boot and such). I made the original MicroSD on a Windows machine using the Imager app… I now wonder if I’d put the SSD in a USB adapter then I could’ve saved a step along the way. Not that it’s a big deal but just curious…

Not that it’s got anything to do with anything but before I did the SD Copier I was seeing some stuff that looked like POST information. I kinda liked that so maybe there’s a way to enable that to show while booting… off to search the web.