Mode 2 (again) on older Argon One

Dear community!

I own an older Argon One case (the one with the micro HDMI slots) that does not have any jumper head to set the mode. Now I would like to set mode 2 via i2cset but this utterly fails.

i2cdetect -l shows a bcm2835 i2c adapter, doing i2cdetect -y 1 does show 1a at 0x01a as expected, i2cset -y 1 0x01a 0xfe does not complain … alas it does not alter the power up behaviour at all.

Same on 32bit and 64bit RaspiOS and armbian.

Any suggestions ?


The reason why we had a hardware solution for this is because the behavior cannot be implemented via software. when we learned that this is a feature people wanted we came out with V2 and also continue implementing it on V3.

Thank you very much for your reply. Now, as it seems to be a HW only solution … can the original One Case be manipulated to render the behavioiur desired? I.e. is there a homebrew/solder solution?