Mandatory Raspberry Pi 5 Question Regarding the Argon Eon


here comes the mandatory Question if / when a Version of the Argon Eon for the Raspberry Pi will arrive.
If it even will arrive.

Seems to be quite a bit faster but some things changed like the USB ports being switched, which makes it impossible to use it with the EON because it would mean using the HDDs with a USB2.0 port.

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Any way to get some kind of bridge to avoid that?
It seems a little sad to have to change this amazing NAS box just because of a USB port swap :frowning:


I’m not sure only a new bridge would solve the issue. The whole layout of the chips seems to be different so the whole cooling solution would need to be revised too.

I don’t think you are correct here - The USB2 and NIC switched places the USB3 is still in the middle…

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Yeah usb3.0 location hasn’t changed. Looks like it’s just the Ethernet port/usb2.0 locations that swapped for the back at least.

I THINK what could/might happen is that Argon sells a different backplate for the Pi5. Seems as if that’s something that could be interchangeable.


Id absolutely jump at the chance to upgrade my EON to a Pi5 board.
The press release seems to suggest more RAM variants may become available in the future - imagine having 16gb RAM alongside the PCIe and processor upgrade!

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Yes, I would be interested to see what it would take/cost to “upgrade” a preexisting Eon to be fully compatible with the Pi5 (new backplate, adapter board(s), etc.) vs starting from the ground up with a hypothetical “Eon5”. Although, if an “Eon5” came in at the same $150 price point as the current Eon, I’m not sure if there’s much room to work with.

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I was wondering this too. I emailed them get an official answer. If anything different comes I will let you know.


Would love a version of the EON that connects the Sata ports to PCI-E…

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It seems that would be the case - the processor chip is different possibly in a different place and a different thickness so the base plate would also need to be changed for the heatsink attachments.

The other thing is the power draw - perhaps the power brick might need upgrading as well with the increased power requirement of the Pi5.

Perhaps Argon could provide an upgrade kit with a new base and back plates (and power supply?) to accommodate the Pi5 - who knows, time will tell.

It is more than a port swap - the processor cooling has also changed.

Now that would be an improvement for the EON! Then perhaps we could then use RAID 5 with OMV that does not permit RAID with USB connected drives.

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I am using RAID5 with OMV via usb right now in my EON. The PCI-E port will allow faster data transfers

How are you doing that? OMV does not allow you to use RAID 5 if the drives are connected via USB, unless you have done a hack?

Any answer from the email sent to Argon?

Sorry my delay. What they say was:

Thank you for reaching out. There's a significant difference between the models; for instance, the Pi 4 features a 4-pole 3.5mm audio jack, while the Pi 5 doesn't have one. However we'll be updating all the Argon Cases for the Raspberry Pi 5 to maximize all the new features of the RPi5. 

So it means they will release new versions of their cases basically, no upgrade kit :frowning:

Too soon to tell. I think beside the PCBs and maybe the backplate, almost of the other structures can be used.

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Well, they have today 2 new cases for Pi5(one of them scheduled) I’m really interested too in a EON version for Pi5

Definitely need a Pi5 Eon case.

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