Lost eon control with Ubuntu 23.04

Seems that when I upgraded to Ubuntu 23.04 I lost, at minimum, the oiled and fan control I do get status when I prompt from the terminal.
Just wondering when a new script might be available?

So it looks like to me that i2c is not enabled (Well, to be honest I simply installed 23.04). Anyway:

  1. sudo apt install raspi-config
  2. sudo raspi-config

Under “Interface Options” enable I2C (also enabled SPI)

Select finish and reboot.

That worked for the OLED. Fan control is still off the ranch but it’s defaulting to always on so at least it’s fail safe.
One other item of note, I now also have a Zombie process.

Well, kill off the zombie (i.e. reboot).

Also, what are your fan speed settings?

argon-status --cool

Should look like the following:

CPU Temperature:
C             F             
30.67         87.2          

Storage Temperature:
device        C             F             
sda           26.0          78.8          
sdb           26.0          78.8          
sdc           43.0          109.4         
sdd           26.0          78.8          
sde           26.0          78.8          

Fan Speed:

Temperature Settings Table:
Temperature   42.0          44.0          46.0          48.0          50.0          52.0          54.0          55.0          60.0          65.0          
HDD fanspeed  <25>          30            35            40            50            55            60                          100                         
CPU fanspeed  

Nope. looks like this:

argon-status --cool

CPU Utilization:
cpu0: 0%
cpu1: 0%
cpu2: 0%
cpu3: 0%
Storage Usage:
Device : mmcblk0 Total : 29GB Used: 6GB Usage: 80%
Device : md1 Total : 3TB Used: 355GB Usage: 14%
Device : md0 Total : 3TB Used: 401GB Usage: 16%
Device : sdb Total : 234GB Used: 28KB Usage: 1%
RAID Arrays:
Device: md0 Type: RAID1 State: Clean Size: 3TB
Device: md1 Type: RAID1 State: Clean Size: 3TB
Total: 8GB
Free : 95%
CPU Temp:
HDD Temp:
IP Address :
mmcblk0 read: 0KB/Sec write: 0KB/Sec
md1 read: 0KB/Sec write: 0KB/Sec
md0 read: 0KB/Sec write: 0KB/Sec
sdb read: 0KB/Sec write: 0KB/Sec

Zombie survived the reboot. So I guess with that and the above you’re going to tell me to uninstall and reinstall the script. Can you post the latest and greatest link to the script.

No uninstall, post your config file.

cat /etc/argoneon.conf

latest as always:

curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JeffCurless/argoneon/main/argoneon.sh | bash

Oh and please post the details of the zombie process…

ps aux | grep 'Z'


A couple of things:

  1. Zombies to no live over a reboot… What ever is happening to cause it is just happening again on reboot.
  2. I just rebooted to Ubuntu 23.04, I see no zombies
  3. You may want to uninstall/reinstall.

I went the path of least resistance and reinstalled. Everything is now working fine with no zombies.
As always, thank you much