Jellyfin, Emby, Plex

Is anyone setting up a Media Server? Are you going to use OMV or just the Media Center software?

I’ve installed OMV and plan to install Plex in Docker. I have experience with Plex, but this is the first time I’ll be using it with OMV. Still reading up on tutorials on Dockers and installing Plex…


Hi, I have set up mine using OMV, was disappointed to find that OMV does not support usb raid. Although came across a guide that steps you through achieving that. It’s too late as drives already full of data. Waiting on purchasing a larger external drive to move stuff to while I reconfigure the eon. I have used OMV on other hardware with little problems, then use Kodi on apps, TVs, pi’s etc to consume the media.

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I’ve just finished setting up my media stuff on my Eon, and I’m really happy with it.
I opted for Jellyfin running in a docker container using Portainer, and added a handful of other containers to handle the organisation and collection of media (Radarr, Sonarr, Prowlarr, Deluge)
When setting up the containers using the same volumes for data allows for each container to perform its service and the results be reflected everywhere.

It’s my first dabble with containers and I love it.



I’m relaunching this topic, have someone tried OSMC or Librelec to use the HDMI output of the Eon as media center ?