Is there an elegant solution to 5v power supply for M.2

I’m building a RasPi using the Argon One M.2. This will be installed on a boat which will provide a 5V 10A power supply

At this moment in time I have Dupont jumper leads carry 5v going in to the GPIO pins on the top of Argon One case which not only looks rubbish but is also not particularly robust. Is there either:

• Some kind of ribbon that can be plugged in to the GPIO pins that then allow the lid to be put back on
• Some kind of USB C circuit board that will allow me to connect the 5v Power Source to the USB C input on the Argon Case.

Look forward to hearing from you.

I am looking for a similar solution to the power problems with my RPi 4 dashboard. This is also in a boat. Can you tell me what power supply you are using?

Maybe I misunderstand the question, but if you have a 5V 10A power source, then you only need a cable with an USB-C connector. You don’t need any special circuit, just be sure to connect the CC1/CC2 pin.

The pinout for power delivery can be found online several places, e.g. USB-C Power Delivery

I think the best option is to find a cheap USB-A / USB-C charging cable, cut off the USB-A connector, and then connect it (with correct polarity) to your 5V power source.

Hello, many thanks for your post, ill give that a go