Is there a reason for the 25% limit for the minimum speed of the EON fan?

Hope someone from Argon will read this and can provide an answer (please).

The noisy fan of the EON is causing quite some discussion about replacements parts and so on, so there seems to be quite some desire to have a solution.
I would be glad to have an option, that the fan blows some fresh air all the time with low speed into the case. However the script controlling the fan will adjust the level of the fan to be not lower than 25%, which is very loud. The relevant part of the code can be found easily within the script, however the question for me is:
What is the reason for this limit? Will it cause any problems, in case i change it to 10% or even 5%?

I haven’t tested-but the voltage may simply be too low when below 25% to even have the fan turn? I know with ASUS motherboards when they try to tune the fans, they will check the threshold for the point that a fan will not spin.

Thanks for the feedback @troyfontaine . I did a simple check already, modified the script and even with 10% the fan is working well, while on the other side it is also still noisy :frowning: This is maybe the most irritating part to me. The difference of noise level between 100% and 10% is not that much, at least not what I would expect…
To get noise down the easy way was releasing the side panels: Without panel the fan is almost silent. So the noise might come from the air streaming through the wholes in the case. The more important it would be to have a flow with minimal speed.

In that case, then the noise must come down to needing vents in the side panels, the EON has a certain aesthetic that doesn’t really lend itself to airflow. I have gone as far as to put mine in an unoccupied room because of the noise. Thanks for checking!

I upgraded my power supply & fan to 25mm thicker/deeper, so little a more noisier but in my opinion it gives a more efficient air flow, you can set fan profile based on drive bay temperature rather than CPU temp. I find it more functional this way. the CPU & GPU heat is dissipated through the two metallic pylons at the bottom, so theres no theoretical reason to use fan profile based on CPU sensing temp.

My fan even works with 1% (after modifying the scripts). And only on this value the noise is acceptable, but enough to cool the case down if only my SSD is running. YMMV,