IR remote problem


I am having the following error while i am trying to register IR ON/OFF, to my Argon One M.2 case.
I am using a NEC remote, which registers fine to my other two Argon cases.

Press your button for POWER (CTRL+C to abort)
Press the button 2 more times
Press the button 1 more time

Updating Device…
Device Update Failed: Unable to detect i2c

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, i’ve got a same problem with Argon IR remote (B20-008-AR-RMT - Argon One M.2 case)
I hope found a quick resolve.
Thanks in advance

Extra information:
I tried to install it on an OSMC operating system using SSH.

My bad, i was trying via Dietpi OS.

Today I install Raspbian OS and I was able to configure the IR button without any issue.