Internal USB"3" and 5x2 pins

  1. Does anybody know what the internal USB3 connector is for on the 4xSATA board? Can it be used to boot the RPi4?

  2. Also, what is the 2x5 pin connector on the main board for?

Yes, I am booting from this Kingston SATA SDD.

Even managed to mount it to the back.
NOTE: It is not connected to the regular SATA-slot, which is wasted.
Others have managed to install an M.2 drive straight into the USB-slot.

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@darkmatter68 USB3 port is for installation for M.2 adapter for NVME or SATA. It would add a fifth drive to the unit. AS for the 2x5 pin connectors, this is for future expansion of the unit. We plan to release some addons that hopefully can add value for owners of Argon EON.


USB to NVME adapter with a 500GB WD Black NVME SSD installed as the boot drive.

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