Installing Argon One v3 scripts on Raspberry pi 5 with Kali Linux


Anyone have any reference on how to install the argon one v3 scripts to use nvme and other features on a kali linux running on raspberry pi 5 ?

I understood some things that i am not sure if it is the right direction :

Is this really needed ? 
- After this the manual says we should run : 
curl | bash
it doesnt detect kali and if you look on the code the sequence points to the argon scripts 
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y
		sudo rpi-eeprom-update

and then this 

sudo wget $ARGONDOWNLOADSERVER/scripts/ -O $eepromconfigscript --quiet
		sudo chmod 755 $eepromconfigscript
		sudo $eepromconfigscript
should i manually execute ? 

i started this but my format is 256 so it complains about 512 format for the drive. 
Should i use a 512 and it would be ok to follow this sequence above ? afraid of this doing some damage to my pi 5

For the future It could be better to resize the boot partition to 512MiB, because at this partition are stored the firmware files which will updated from time to time via rpi-update command. Technical it’s only needed if you run out of free space there.

The EEPROM script ensures that you got a current bootloader version installed to support NVMe and add this lines in the bootloader config:


Additional you need in your config.txt:

You can do this changes manually without the script, but afterwards you need a background service for fan control and power button detection for a properly shutdown procedure.