I'm pretty sure my eon corrupt my system and lock it on read-only

Hi, so i buy the argon eon, and the least thing i could said it’s i’m pretty much disappointed because there’s several problems with it. But the main one : i think the USB PCB that have all the disks are maybe, not very well made ?

First : argon eon break S.M.A.R.T, so it’s could be hard to just see the health of the disks. Quite weird for a NAS case, but ok. You have to create a specific file that add the USB ID into a database for smart to actually scan and read the drive.

But, i also think after a LOTS of investigations, that ARGON EON just corrupt filesystem and brek the system for… Nothing.

I use dietpi, with a single raid btrfs on 3 disks (1 SSD + 2HDD) + 1 ext4 disk (1SSD) that just have the filesystem. btrfs on /mnt/data. I test all the drive on another computer : no errors and issues found. I switch SSD just to be sure. But it’s always remain the same problems. Sometimes, for no reason, the system goes read only and corrupt. dmesg doesn’t indicate something, i cannot found logs for why it behave like this. And it’s started to really annoyed me.

I try to change the os (before i was on yunohost : same errors appears), try to tune some config around disk, ressources usages. I try everything. My NAS is simple : just jellyfin, CPU don’t really do a lots of things, so really there’s no reasons why the system lock, for nothing.

So i cannot ssh on it, always have to locally repair filesystem, and it boot. But will goes read-only, again, for no reasons.

So my intuition is that Argon Eon PCB are defective. Something around voltage or how rapsberry pi handle the usb board make the system goes broke.

How can i investigate more on this and, maybe, this this issues if it’s not hardware ? If it is hardware fault, how can i have a reparation on this ? I bought it less than a year ago.

Thanks. A disappointed constumer

Hello. Following the instructions in the Argon Eon Pi NAS installation guide (Argon EON Installation Manual – Argon 40 Technologies Web Store), a month or so ago I set up an Eon with Raspbian Lite o/s, two spinning disks and two SSDs, and btrfs. The installation was fairly straightforward once I realised I needed to use a cable to connect the NAS to the network rather than trying and failing to use wifi, and it’s been working well ever since. SMART is working as it should, as is every other aspect of the NAS: I’ve never experienced a read-only or corrupted filesystem or a lock-up. You mention that you’ve tried using dietpi and yunohost, and I suggest that you try again, this time using Raspbian Lite. Hope this helps you!