I wonder what those interesting looking round holes to the left of the RJ45 and the pins behind them are for

Could I be right in suspecting, dreaming that they are for a future audio interface expansion?
I mean, ARGON40 has been making awesome audio related products for quite a while now, so who know…

Does anyone have any information regarding them?

Background to the question:
I’ve been playing with a bunch of OSes on the EON (through PINN, see here for details: Pinn Readme), amongst them a couple of Audio oriented distributions.
This led me to wonder if the EON could act as a media player on steroids.

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Hey Quingon
Welcome to the forum. I don’t personally have any idea what they are for, but I imagine it could be for future expansion. I saw those when I put my EON together as well. Anything is possible, but the Argon40 folks are the ones who need to reply to this. Maybe we need to request a new Topic for Advanced Ideas or something similar. Where Users could request future addons.

Any way keep those thought provoking juices flowing and we can make the EON something really cool, more so than just a PI NAS (although the EON is pretty cool as is)

I had the same thoughts when I got mine. Also noticed the undocumented connection on the lower PCB, and a couple of internal screw mount points on the same side of the case. A response from Argon40 noted how observant I was and that they weren’t ready to spill their beans, as it were. FWIW I am rooting for an audio DAC add-on. I’d buy one immediately!

PS - Thanks for the link to PINN! I have another RPi4 (in an Argon ONE M.2 case) that I might like to use to play with that.

Argon NEO, ONE, EON… Somebody likes their anagrams, it seems…

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3 factorial, not many options left except NOE, ENO and, my personal favorite, OEN, which means oaf in my language :joy:

Thanks for passing on the noncommittal response from Argon40, fingers crossed. Oh Argon, please release a DAC to fill that void in my EON.

I can highly recommend Pinn if you’re interested in experimenting with your RPi.
One tip if you’re planning to install it on an SSD attached to the clever USB port on the upper PCB: Do that before installing drives on the four SATA ports. It makes sure you’re using SDA and nothing but SDA as the OS installation drive.

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I don’t think I’ll be using PINN on my Argon EON rig; It has its mission… But I also have an Argon ONE M.2 rig with an RPi 4/8G to play with. PINN sounds perfect for that li’l guy…


PS - PINN being a recursively self-referential acronym… There is something I appreciate about perpetrating the classic “nerd” humor. GNU is Not Unix! Yet Another Iteration, like the song that never ends. (It goes on and on, my friends!)