How to write OS to ARGON ONE V3 NVME

Having corrupted my Pi5 OS while trying to get the BLSTR DAC card to work. I need to replace/renew the OS.
Silly question ? How the hell do I get the OS onto the NVME card ? On my old Pi4 Argon One case I simply connected the NVME base to a PC via a USB cable.

Simple said, the same way like you did it the first time. But I assume that you currently locked out.

I see different options:

  • remove the NVMe from the socket. Insert a SD card with a working PiOS and change the boot order in the EEPROM back to SD card first.
    Then insert the NVMe again and clear the partition table.
    After that it should be possible to use dd, SD card copier or something like that.

  • remove the NVMe and use a NVMe to USB adapter

  • remove the NVMe and use the NVMe base from the old Argon ONE case, because its only a NVMe to USB adapter with ASMedia chipset

  • remove the NVMe and insert it into a free socket of your desktop computer

Simple, using your pc write a SD card so you can boot the pi, run the pi and write using disc imager to write the os to the nvme card. Remove the SD card and you should find the pi will boot from the nvme then do the changes as in the info that came with the case.