How long will take to ship the order after place order?

anybody knows how long will take to ship the order, after you place the order?
i have purchase Raspberry pi 5, on 31 december 2023, but no email from them yet, no shipment no tracking. send few emails then no reply from them.?

I ordered on the Jan 2 and nothing. Don’t respond to emails either. Starting to seem like a scam.

Did you receive your RPI 5. How long did it take. I wanted to buy one tomorrow. Just wondering how long I need to wait.

Hi @backyard! Shipping usually takes 7 - 14 days upon order confirmation and will also depend on local courier service provider.

Can we have the order number so we can check this again? Thank you for your patience and understanding.

It seems like they’re a small company struggling with new success, hence the lack of email communication and delay in shipping. For what it’s worth, I placed my order (#4532) on the 25th of Feb and still haven’t heard if it’s been sent out or not, no email response either.

I’d recommend buying through a distributor, if you’re in Europe then Kiwi Electronics (Netherlands) still has some stock :slight_smile: