How is OMV so complicated?

I just want to share a public volume, nothing that complicated.
I’ve been looking around through menus and options for the things I see in blog posts to no avail.
I’m not finding public/everyone or anything remotely similar. I do find lots of very complicated instructions to do very complicated things to some version of OMV that is out of date to what I see with my recent install. Could someone share the very most simple instructions for make a volume and share it to everyone? A basic “hello world” for a nas.

I used this guide to muddle my way through the install and setup.

I’m using the 64-bit lite version of Bullseye, so OMV 6 was installed.

The guide seems to be for OMV 5.


This guide is great, and was the one I used to get started when running a little OMV test setup while waiting for my Eon to arrive. I used a USB drive and a Pi4 with 2gb RAM (upgraded to extra drives and 4gb Pi for my Eon)
When setting it p the logic to follow is you add a drive, add a filesystem to that drive, then add you shared folder to that filesystem.
Once you have done that you are free to share the shared folder via the SMB or FTP services.

Once you’ve done it once or twice it becomes easy to remember the logic.

Good luck!

I think I was failing to properly apply the enabling of the final step.
So, the guild helped. Thanks all.

Try this video.
Works well for 5 and the principals work well for 6

Hope that helps