How do I get information about shipping?

I saw my shipment should be delivered with the tracker provided by Hong Kong post. However I am using a warehouse as receiving address, and they need some kind of proof of delivery. Any way I can get those shipment document like proof of posting, advice of delivery or proof of receipt? I’ve emailed customer support but got no reply since.

My order number is #5770 (Ordered on 6th April 2024) and there are 2 items in that order. 1 of them is shipped with Hong Kong Post. I saw on the HK Post website that “Proof of posting will be issued to the sender at the time of posting”. Can you send me an email with the “Proof of posting” and “advice of delivery (proof of receipt with the signature of recipient)” documents attached? Thank you.

Hongkong Post - Q1.
I just checked the hong kong post website and it says:
“Registered mail with advice of delivery: The sender does not have to make any request for proof of receipt, since he / she will receive an advice of delivery (proof of receipt with the signature of recipient) from Hongkong Post.”

Yea still no reply from customer services…

They seem to not care whether people actually receive the products they order as long as they get our money.

UPDATE: They have finally replied but have not sent me the documents yet…