How do I create an image from the M.2 card to save as a backup?

New to Argon. Just purchased an Argon One M.2 case for a Rpi4 B.
I worked through issues to get the Rpi4 to boot from the M.2 card. So all is good. But I had to do upgrades to the image on the M.2.
How can I create a backup image of the M.2 card?
Win32Disk Imager is the only one I found that will read a disk and write to a specific folder on an internal drive in my windows 10 pc. But it doesn’t see the M.2 card when I put it in my Ugreen M.2 Sata Hard Drive inclosure.
I can see it connect to my PC but I can not explore it to get a drive letter assigned to it.
What am I missing???
I would appreciate any help!!

I was able to figure it out. Attempted to assign a letter to the drive, but I was not clicking on the Boot section of the drive. Once I did that, I could assign a letter to it and then use Win32Disk imager to read the M.2 drive and create an image file.
And using the Argon M.2 module plugged into an USB port. I didn’t need the UGreeen M.2 adapter housing. Wished I had know that before buying one.
Just thought I would share what I found. Hope it helps someone in the future.