How can I track my shipment?


I’ve bought a RPi5 and paid in advance but haven’t received any response from the store although sending email several times.

Can you share how can I contact the store for more information?


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please reach out to our customer service at

Hi @Xuyen, thank you for waiting. We’ve recently updated the shipping status of the order.

Where can I find tracking information for my order? Emailing customer service doesn’t appear to produce results.

Me too I ordered on 1 March but still progress didn’t update yet

Sent tracking information separately, thank you.

Hi! Is this for order number ending in **61? We’ve recently updated shipment status. Thank you!

Thanks. So the “tracking” number provided is bogus and tells me nothing about my order. You all say give it 3-4 days to update…I’ve given it a week. Nothing. I truly believe this is just a scam, and this place is actually closing shop. Why should I believe anything different?