HomeAssistant OS

I’ve received an argon one pi4 (v2) case and installed my RaspberryPi 4 - very easy to intall :+1:
… love it. build quality exceeded expectations. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Home Assistant OS v7.6 github link

Has anyone else managed to run the argon1.sh script on HAOS??

I’m now trying to install the scripts that control the fan and power buttons (fan is running at max speed!)

I’ve attempted to run this command but got an error:-

wget -q -O - https://download.argon40.com/argon1.sh | bash -


bash: line 34: sudo: command not found
Please also connect device to the internet and restart installation

I’m connected to the internet and the script does download, but I can’t get past this error.

I’d appreciate any help from anyone that has the same issue or has overcome similar issues installing the script.


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seems that someone has looked at this already! :grinning:

i’ll message back here if i have problems

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