High temperature won't drop

Hey guys,

so i’ve installed 2 3.5inch hard drives and a usb m.2 ssd slot only. No 2.5 SATA drives.

The temperature of the Pi is at > 80deg constantly.

Fan is set to 100, I used the argon-config to force it to 100.

Temperature won’t budge.

Am I the only one ?

Is there a risk here ?

Adding a note here. I’m now running the system without the side panels to see if it will lower the temperature.
After 1 hour, i’m still > 80 degrees.

Yeah, that’s not normal.

I intended to use thermal paste instead between the Pi and the case instead of the thermal pads. However, there is actually a small gap between the two so I had to use the pads. Did you install them? If not, your Pi would be running with essentially no heatsinks.

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Are we talking 80 C or 80 F?

I don’t remember any pads in the package.
Could you elaborate please ?

80C which is why I am worried

There are 2 gray silicon thermal pads included in the package. Need to peel the plastic and put them on the cpu and the memory.

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Indeed, I had not mounted the silicon thermal pads … ooops.

OK, I’ve mounted them.

Now the device is around 52C.

Should I be expecting less ?

This thread seems to indicate mounting the fan the other way round. Should I do that ?

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My Pi is running at around 40 - 45°C

Did you peal the plastic from both sites of the pad?

Yes yes I did peal the plastic off. I was clumsy enough to forget the sticky things once not two mistakes in a row.

The temperature is pretty stable at around 50C since. Which is ok. I guess ?

Mind you, I live in Singapore and device is in non aircon area

Not sure what your ambient temperature is right now but I get as said around 40 - 45°C in an ambient temp of 20-22°C

Mistake? To be fair… there was zero indication that this is what these are!