HDMI0 Screen Flashing/Blanking


I have some odd behavior going on with my EON. When my monitor is connected to HDMI0, the screen flashes/blanks to a completely black screen at random times. It behaves as if the screen is blanking due to inactivity but it only lasts about two seconds and then comes right back. Sometimes, it does it right after booting up and other times, it may be OK for 10 minutes. If I connect to HDMI1, there is no blanking/flashing.

I’m thinking I may have a defective daughter board. Has anyone else observed this behavior?


Do you have any other devices plugged into the monitor’s other inputs? I’ve seen this behaviour on my Acer displays when another input wakes up from sleep and auto-input switching is disabled.

I see that occasionally when I have two systems connected to the same display, but only when I had the monitor set to auto.

I thought about this. I do have another device plugged into another input on the monitor but I only see this behavior when plugged into HDMI0 on the EON. When plugged into HDMI1 with the same cable, the display does not flash/blank. The behavior also occurs whether the other device is sleeping or not - but only on HDMI0.

Certainly sounds like an issue with HDMI0. one way to make 100% sure is… disconnect the other input to the monitor. If it still happening, this definitely points to the port. You might want to make 100% sure that the daughter card is aligned properly i.e. open the case and give the daughter card a little push to make sure it is 100% seated.

If it’s still a problem, I’d file a problem report and outline everything you did.

I contacted cs@argon40.com regarding this back on February 19. I received a reply on February 22 requesting pictures of the board. Those were sent. I received another reply on February 27 stating that a replacement board would be sent as soon as air shipping services return to normal and that I would get an e-mail with tracking information once it was sent. That was almost a month ago. I requested an update on shipping on March 13 and didn’t get a reply.

Hoping to get an update on this…