HDMI out is not working with HDMI to VGA converter with Raspberry Pi 4

I have a raspberry pi 4 8GB, an argon one casing and a VGA monitor.

When I connect the raspberry pi with a micro HDMI to HDMI converter and with a HDMI to VGA converter I can see the display output without any issue.

But when fix the rapberry pi to the argon one casing and try the HDMI to VGA converter, my display doesn not work.

Is there anyway I can fix this?

Do you see a chance to check somewhere if the Argon ONE case is working right with a HDMI monitor or TV?

I‘m asking, because sometimes in the past it was only an issue of the correct assembling of RPi with the case pcb. A little bit of controlled force is needed to connect right with this micro HDMI and USB-C connectors. Unfortunately there were also problems with bad soldering points.

Yes I already checked with a monitor with HDMI port. It works fine (i.e. from Argon one HDMI port to monitor HDMI port)

I’m afraid you have to play a little with manual set the display resolution via cmdline.txt. The newer kernel versions are very sensitive to the EDID data. In combination with your VGA adapter, these could be missing or may be incomplete.
Within the case, the power is supplied via GPIO pins, not via the USB-C. That could cause a difference in timing while switching on.

Try to append this to the kernel line in the /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt