HDMI Daughter board does not produce video

Hello and thank you for the Eon NAS case. It’s a nice piece of work!!

The HDMI Daughter board does not seem to be producing any video. I’ve tested the RPi V4 alone and it works fine. But, I get no video when I plug in the daughter board.

I’ve tested the daughter board with a 2nd RPi V4 and still does not produce any video.

Any troubleshooting advice?

Thank you very much!! I’m a big fan of the M.2 cases as well.


@depluma can you try to make sure if the hdmi board is plug in properly, there might need a little force to push the daughter board in. Also try to check if there is no output detected in both HDMI output. If this still don’t work, can contact our support at cs@argon40.com, we will arrange a replacement HDMI daughter board after the CNY break.

Agreed…I’ve tried to push it in farther…but, there’s a part of the board by the Audio jack that hits the RPi USB riser…and prevents any further “pushing”. I’ve debated about filing down the portion of the board to see if it will go in farther…but, that may interfere with the alignment on the holes in the back of the case.

I’m thinking a replacement is in order. But, I’m fine trying the filing down thing if y’all would want me to try.

I’m available to try what’s needed…thx…dP

@depluma there is no need to file parts for fitting, as long as most ports are push in. Would also request to try both hdmi port, we have encounter issues on loose solder on the micro hdmi header causing the video not showing, but it is very rare that it would occur on both output.

I’ve tried both ports and neither produce video. Thanks…dP

Yes, I have exactly the same problem here… I have an Argon One M.2 that works fine…
neither of the HDMI ports give a signal I have tried the cs@argon40.com email but they seem …
well slow to reply…

depluma, did you find a fix for your system?

Great Engineering Project

Equipment has the particularity of being visually very pleasant.
Mechanically with many details, robust, but everything fits wonderfully.
Absolute satisfaction exploring and assembling the Raspberry Pi and SDD/HDD.

But… the HDMI 0 port that corresponds on the Rpi HDMI 2, doesn’t work.
After consulting the forum, I completely disassembled the EON to verify that the problem would not be the Rpi.
With the Raspberry Pi out of EON I tested the micro HDMI 1 and 2 sockets. And conclusion: the video and audio component are ok.

HDMI extender card review
Using a multimeter to check continuity and compare the tracks from the micro HDMI jacks on the extender board,
I find two open leads, (as already reported here by lijoseph, eventual soldering problems).
The caricature is the seal of quality control if you are in the area where the problem exists.

I thought…I was “lucky”! as I also have a factory problem with the EON unit.
The equipment is under warranty… but the procedures can be complicated and time-consuming with the supplier/manufacturer,
and we’re talking about a board that doesn’t even have chips.

Using a soldering iron at your own risk!
I got to work and armed with a soldering iron and a tin there I managed to close the two circuits.
After testing, I went on to assemble the EON, and by the way, it’s always a pleasure to put everything back in place,
using the famous multipurpose key.

The NAS is working perfectly, using the internal USB, an M.2 sata SSD 120GB adapter with the operating system.

from southern Europe,
A hug to everyone.

I just ran into this HDMI issue with two new M.2’s. I found that the problem seems to be in the HDMI to Cable connectors. Some cables work fine and others don’t. Upon close inspection, the Argon adapter Daughter boards’ HDMI connectors center contact pin carrier appears to be thinner than other HDMI connector designs. Thus if the HDMI Cable has a bit looser fit, the pins do not make contact. Solution is to use higher quality HDMI cables, they seem to work fine.