HDMI-CEC passthrough

Hi all quick question!! Does the HMDI offer full passthrough?
I am replacing a RP3b+ with a 4b-2gb in this case and the HDMI is not passing HDMI-CEC commands from remote using Kodi. It worked fine with the old box using all the same cables besides the power cable.

Thanks in Advance,

Still can’t get it working. I know the cable worked with the previous pi I am replacing with HDMI-CEC. I also built out the pi before adding to the case and it was working before as well. Could this be an issue with the card that converts the ports to the back? If so how is Argon customer support? Or should I just return to Amazon and find a different case? I really want to like this case. :frowning:

Thanks again,

The issue was hardware, support shipped me out a new riser card and the HDMI-CEC is working fine now.

Thanks Again Argon Support team!!!