Has anyone received a RPi 5?

There is sometimes stock available on Argon Forty’s store, but has anyone here actually received a Pi 5? I’m wondering if this is some kind of preorder or backorder, or they really have units ready to be shipped.

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same question here
Contacted CS about that
No reply, however

Have you ordered one and when? Their shipping policy says 1 to 2 days before shipping, not sure if this is true.

Yes, i ordered one on 7 Nov. It’s been almost a week but nothing is received.

Have you try contacting argon40’s CS?
If tried, have they reply you something?

I haven’t ordered yet. Keeping an eye on rpilocator and hoping I’ll be fast enough next time. However if they do not have stock ready I might consider ordering from another provider.

I guess stock won’t be far though, since production is going on. Hopefully it will be available before Dec.

I think you can order it on this website. Rpi5 4gb is in stock on digikey right now and immediate delivery is claimed

I ordered a Raspberry Pi 5 on October 24. It shipped from Hong Kong and reached Los Angeles on October 30th. USPS then said it would be delivered on Nov 2. It wasn’t delivered and now the USPS site just says “Processed Through USPS Facility, ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS)”. I called USPS about a week later and they said it’s in Customs and they can do nothing until it leaves Customs. I emailed Argon 40 on Nov 8 asking for further information and only received an auto-reply. Emailed them again yesterday and have received nothing back. It’s been "in Customs’ for over two weeks. This isn’t making me happy.

The customs problem shouldn’t be mine as I am Hong Kong locals.
However, the major problem is that they didn’t reply almost every emails and update anything to us, which bring a kind of confusion to customers .

Hey guys I just received my Pi 5 8GB. I’m in mainland China.

I ordered on Monday morning (today is Thursday) and CS remained silent since then. No response on inquiries, no shipping notification, no tracking number.

And another strange thing is that the package was sent from Shenzhen, not Hong Kong. Although these are adjacent cities and technically within the same country, there is custom and border inspection. I never knew Argon 40 has a branch on the mainland side.

Anyway, the brand new Pi 5 magically appeared earlier today. So yes, they do have Pi’s ready.

Update: received tracking number just now, after receiving Pi itself. Okay…

I didn’t order through Argon40, but I did receive my Pi 5 8GB that I ordered through MakerBright yesterday. They still have 4 and 8GB models in stock and it just says that they ship in November.

It’s been over four weeks now and I still have zero information on why my order is still in Customs. I got an email the day after my original reply here (8 days ago) saying they’d look into it, but I’ve received nothing since. Argon 40’s customer service is among the worst I’ve ever dealt with and they won’t receive any further business from me.