Hard drives not spinning down

I have 2x18tb hard drives and a 5tb 2.5 drive in my Argon Eon. I have configured all 3 hard drives with the Advanced Power Management setting of “1” - minimum power usage with standby (spin down). When I had only one hard drive in the Eon the hard drive did indeed spin down but with all three in there they are not. Is this normal? I really can’t work with the Eon if it won’t spindown the drives when not in use (most of the time).

Thanks for any or insights you may have.

I solved the problem by installing hd-idle. I installed the latest version, 1.21 and am running OMV 7. The harddrives are now spinning down when not in use.

I used the instructions from this forum post from 2021:
[How-To] Spin-down hard drives with hd-idle - Guides - openmediavault

I changed the file name they use …amd64… to …arm64… on both the download and install commands shown in the forum post and had no issues.