GPIO Shield is missing

Just saw in the Picture that there is supposed to be a GPIO Shield…its missing from my unit.

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Received mine yesterday - missing GPIO Shield +1

Mine is missing as well - any chance of getting one please ?

The original design did have a shield plate. But if you notice, the back plate was redesigned. I don’t think the new design comes with a plate. Instead your SD card is directly accessible, and punch-outs for a pair of RCA style jacks were added. The internal SATA board was updated to include an upright USB port (announced), and the lower board has pin connectors that have not been announced. My guess there is an unannounced upgrade option… Probably a HiFi DAC option akin to the Argon ONE variant they were selling with the built in DAC. Of course it would be best to hear something from Argon40 officially. In any case (pun!) I don’t think the redesigned back included a new shield plate. The original wouldn’t fit the new dimensions. I’m happy to trade the plate for the new internal USB as that’s where I stuck a SATA M.2 adapter and drive to run the OS from, as opposed to using the SD card. This leaves the 4 internal drives free to be (for me) a pair of mirrors for data.

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