Got new Argon One V3 - do I have to update firmware?

Greetings, I just got my new Argon One V3 NVMe case. I know that I can update the internal firmware of the case by using a USB adapter. But do I have to? Is there a list of revisions / release dates, maybe my case already up to date?

I´m asking because I have just set up everything and now I would have to disassemble everything to gain access to the USB port :grinning: Also, in the future it would be nice to know if there is a new firmware update you should use, or if I can just leave everything running as is.

Personally, I’d love to update my firmware, but some monster decided that the port on the board should be a male usb-c. MALE. So I would need to source a usb-c extension cable just to hook it up? That’s some next-level trolling, there. I’m pretty techy, but that is simply not a cable I have in my arsenal. I’d buy one, but I can pretty much guarantee it would only ever be used once.

Are you sure your V3 case has a USB-C male connector? I have three V3 cases and they are all female.

I do wish Argon40 identified version numbers and provided release notes/version history. Having a link to a single, statically named, firmware file provides no help in trying to determine if one needs to disassemble their case to perform a firmware update.

If you go to the effort of opening up your case and program the single available firmware file, you still don’t know if you’ve upgraded, downgraded or ended up with the same firmware installed.

The mass storage device mode exposes two files: INDEX.HTM, which includes a link to Raspberry Pi’s Microcontroller documentation and INFO_UF2.TXT, which contains the following.

UF2 Bootloader v3.0
Model: Raspberry Pi RP2
Board-ID: RPI-RP2

This appears to be bootloader and hardware information. Nothing about what version of application firmware is loaded.